Introducing the World's First Robotic Mark

Now you can set up your course faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before. MarkSetBot is self-propelled and uses GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and stay there until you tell it to move. Best of all, you control everything with your smart phone.

The Future of Racing is Here.

We've taken the "a" out of mark set boat and turned it into a bot (as well as the "a" for aggravation). Now, no matter the wind; no matter the race; no matter the size of your race committee, with MarkSetBot you just set it and forget it. If the wind changes direction, the RC can reposition the mark and pin just by entering the new wind direction, so course changes are handled automatically without a mark boat crew.

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Volume Discounts:

2 Bots is 2%, 3 Bots is 3%, 4 Bots is 4%, 5+ Bots is 5%